Energy Insourcing.

Insourcing is defined as bringing a third party to work inside a company to carry out a required task. For example, an IT third party provider may be hired to service a company’s IT department while working inside the company’s facilities.

Energy Analytics engineers provide energy insourcing services whereby we can carry out one specific task, such as ISO 50001 management system internal audit support, or take on the overall responsibility for energy management onsite using our onsite resources and back office support meshed together with our unique blend of software solutions and templates to minimise rework and to maximise energy savings delivered.

Energy Analytics engineers currently operate within some of the largest energy using companies within Ireland. They carry out various roles within these organisations and have combined quantified, managed and most importantly verified energy savings of over 5 GWh in 2016 alone.


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Energy Analytics has grown gradually over the last number of years out of a need from our clients to develop bespoke energy management solutions to their specific business needs.

As companies move towards data-driven, pro-active and lean business models, there is a greater demand for intelligent, integrated and automated energy systems that are driven by real-time information.

It is however often difficult to unlock this business information in a manner that allows informed decision making. It is even more difficult to embed it in everyday operations in a cost effective and non-labour intensive manner.

We at energy analytics therefore have leveraged our wealth of experience in energy management, ISO 50001 systems implementation and data systems integration to develop bespoke solutions that fit the requirements of our clients allowing for effective, non-bureaucratic, management of energy consumption.

We also support our clients with bespoke resource support packages from as little as one day per month of regular onsite or off site remote support to the provision of full time site based resources backed up by our significant back office support

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"Through our partnership with Energy Analytics, we have continuously delivered energy savings under certified energy management programme"

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